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An Kramer

An Kramer facilitates and develops programs with and for organisations. She is a clear creative thinker. She searchs and finds ways beyond familiar ways. She connects learning and working, with actual issues in society, people and art. She organises Citysafari's , Journeys and Organisation-Guerilla's.
She likes to disrupt in a positive way to create change. To speak out the unspoken. Learning is never a goal in itself: it's about 'walking your talk'.
She's interested in the field of tension inbetween individual and organisation: how can we make that fruitful?
She workes at traineeships for financial industry, and was involved in culture change in buiding companies and engeneering firms.

Typical is her direct way of learning. You want to learn about teamcoaching? Bring your team in the program! At the Baak she is involved in programs like Informal leadership and the TrustLap.

"Do you want to think with me" is a question she likes.
Motto: It is possible because it can in a different way than we expect
She researches and writes a book about: Nomadic learning, learning without lessons.

An Kramer
senior programmaker
06 42520099 (ma t/m do)

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