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International Coaching

"I am looking for a coach for my personal and professional development."

Coaching encourages development. The coach helps you in an unconditional way to look at yourself. You learn to connect with who you are, and learn realistic to see what is there, what you encounter, and how to improve. Coaching helps you to grow, to use your talent in your work, to get inspiration and achieve results. Coaching is designed for executives, professionals and entrepreneurs who know that personal development
is rewarding, both for yourself and for your environment.

International network of (executive) coaches
Like Tim Brown (CEO IDEO) already mentioned in his speach for TedEx: When you make a movie you don’t look for the locally available people, but for the best from all over the world. While creating international programs de Baak has developed an impressive network of coaches from different countries and with different backgrounds, to help you to gain new perspectives for you personal or business challenge.

Online and Offline coaching
Because it is common for our clients to be all over the world you can chose between meeting our coaches offline (face-to-face at one of our inspirational locations) as well as online (web based all over the world). We use what suits your needs best.

Most professionals are familiar with the personal guidance in face-to-face coaching. Online coaching has the same goal, but uses secured web based tools to have several contact moments with the coach. This makes online coaching very flexibel and research shows that it may even more effective.

Follow the eight steps to find a coach 

  1. Get in contact with de Baak Advice and Information Desk +31343556369 (Anneke Nijenhuis or Vera Hofman).
  2. In this call we look with you whether coaching suits your question.
  3. If so, we make an appointment for an interview of one hour
    (on one of our locations the Netherlands, or via phone or skype).
  4. In the interview, we examine your learning needs and possible needs in a coach.
  5. On this basis, we look for the coach that suits you best.
    The match is based on the personal 'click', appropriate expertise and accessibility of the coach.
  6. You get an offer by mail. Usually, we assume for offline coaching a trajectory
    of 5 sessions of 1.5 hours. The investment is € 1.975, - excluding VAT. For online coaching this offer will be made in co creation with you.
  7. When both you, and your supervisor agree, the process can begin.
  8. If it turns out after the first call that our choice was not the right one, you can make this known and we will approach another coach. The cost of the 1st call are charged to de Baak.

For more information please contact the Coaching staff of de Baak:
+31343556369 or

Optional Coaching Themes 

  • Personal Coaching / Life Coaching: Enhancing your potential and enabling you to make decisions that will improve your life
  • Career coaching: finding out what you want to achieve in your carreer, and support on each step of the way.
  • Executive Coaching: coaching on your business challenge
  • Other…: coaching means that you are in control!

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