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18 Apr 2013

Otto Scharmer is our guest for the day at De Horst Estate on 18 April 2013.
Together with American leadership coach Alan Seale, they head an inspiring event on leadership from the field. Come and spend a whole day gaining experiencing of ‘leading from the future’. You can learn how to look at our environment in a fundamentally different light, enabling you to give conscious and effective leadership. Both Scharmer and Seale apply the principle of shifting action from the leader to his environment. It is not the leader that controls what happens, but the environment itself that provides opportunities and needs. The leader observes what is unfolding around him and matches his actions to those developments.

I invite you to take part in this unique day.
You'll find a registration link at the end of this invitation. If you’d like to take part, don’t wait too long to sign up because this is a unique event that many managers and professionals will want to attend.

When Otto Scharmer's book Theory U appeared, a basis for a substantially different approach to challenges in organizations was presented. Scharmer's vision of leadership is not primarily about acting but about being. What is this inner place, the source from which leaders operate? That source largely affects their leadership and the actions they take.

Alan Seale has spent almost his entire career studying and applying that principle. Our actions come from what he calls the 'essence of being'. Seale has developed a leadership approach that cuts straight to the essence of a situation and helps shift thought patterns, beliefs, perceptions and habits in order to unlock our potential. His book Create a world that works: Transformational Presence is full of tools and approaches to discovering what is essential when taking decisions and actions. Alan Seale has been giving leadership and coach training to managers, coaches and professionals in the Netherlands for many years.

 This is a unique opportunity to see Scharmer and Seale on one stage! De Baak is a partner of this event, which has been organized by Het Eertse Huis. You can register at: Please enter the code BAAK under 'Your order reference'  

We look forward to seeing you 18 April in Maitland’s Playground,
De Horst Estate in Driebergen.

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