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Leadership in continuous change

A given phenomenon is that our environment is constantly changing and at a increasing rate. A flexible way of thinking and acting is essential to stay connected with reality. People like control, but when making fixed plans you are always a step behind by what is going on. Can we support our desire for security by continious co-creating with our environment and enjoy this way of interacting?

Playfulness gives a mindset and ways to playfully interact with this environment and create new opportunities. From trying to force our desired situation, to change and connecting to fit our desires. We ask you to look at this site, and get the interaction so we can develop a good game between us!

Central questions in playfulness

  • Objective: What do you actually want to reach? When did I feel I played a good game? 
  • Field and Game Rules: How can you keep track and see the patterns? What are the rules, who are the players, and how do they interact? 
  • Play Style: When are your calm and flexible? What are you good and less practical in? How can I keep away from stress, and see the world quietly changing? 
  • Happiness: how can you have fun in situations where control is an illusion? Fun helps positively assist in unexpected situations and keeps you more responsive.

Power of humor and fun
Remarkably, when you put professionals together soon they create a serious atmosphere. A professional is often seen as a controlled person who knows where he / she is talking about, and has control over the situation. However, humor and fun can be effective in many situations. Humor provides contact, survey, and connections that otherwise not would be made. It keeps you flexible in unexpected situations. The power of flexibility to focus on the shared ultimate goal.

Look for an example at the scene of the improvisation group Whose Line is it anyway. They use the soundeffects of two ladies. You could say that they make the wrong sounds, but the actors accept them and use them to make a play nobody on stage would have expected. This basic idea to accept what is offered and use it for the common goal. From control to co-creation. 

Interact with your environment with good play, and be in the moment.

Underlying trends and new generations
There are a lot of studies that support Playfulness, but give it different names. From homo ludens and now the more contemporary serious gaming, which is about deploying game for learning situations.

Interestingly, the new generations are much more accustomed to learning through logical and playing with their environment. Why memorizing everything, if you can find it easily on the web. The most flexible professional who can play with his / her own environment without losing goal, is more likely to be successful in today's society.

existing theories that point in the same direction are...

  • Applied Improvisation: the application of the principles of improvisational theater in an organizational environment. Yes and..., accepting the situation, being in the here and now, have fun, take initiative, be in contact, let go what doesn’t work.
  • Gestalt psychology: According to Gestalt theory contact for people is as necessary as oxygen and water. The basic principle is that man is an integral part of its environment. According to the Gestalt psychological people experience problems when contact with their environment is disturbed and they can not recover. Due to awareness of physical and sensory signals, you can learn reconnecting with your own experience and learn in a creative way to deal with your problems.
  • Aikido: Ai (harmony), Ki (energy) Do (the road) is an Asian concept that practices a martial art that is part of everything that exists. Don’t block the energy of your opponent but bend it and use it for your own purpose.

Playfulness is an important mindset of many courses within Baak. Playfulness can’t been seen separated from other ways of looking at things; it's about balance. Have a quiet walk with a collegue in your organisation and have fun with the things you see. Take the findings of this pleasure seriously, because it could just be true!

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