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A substantial number of our programs and meetings takes place at the De Horst Estate in Driebergen. It is a contemporary campus for managers, professionals and business people, where knowledge-based companies and organizations find their office space. This beautiful environment encourages development and sharing knowledge to the fullest by combining the old and the new, simplicity and abundance, learning and relaxation, culture and nature.

Maitland Theatre is a unique building that can be used both inside and outside to connect, explore, experiment and play. The slanted rooftop has been planted with sedum, serving both as a meeting place for coffee and lunch as well as a grandstand for performances. Inside, the auditorium is provided with all modern technology required for a top experience.

The theatre was named after Charles Maitland, founding father of De Baak. He laid the foundations for a philosophy of learning that to this day yields bold learning concepts, leading to new ways of thinking for everyone involved. Maitland Theatre has been derived of his philosophy: it is a playground for new thougt, new connections and new actions.

Contact details and directions
Visitors address:
De Horst 1, 3971 KR Driebergen
Postal address: Postbus 88, 3970 AB Driebergen
Telephone: +31343556100

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