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Me & You

Me & You is about discovering, appreciating and using your talents to their fullest. Your learning objectives lay the groundwork for your transformation. Unconventional methods help you take a closer look at how you manage yourself and others from a different perspective. You learn to recognize thought patterns in yourself and others that get in the way of collaborative cooperation. Experienced trainers from Bout & Partners, a human and business development consultancy firm, have been giving the Me & You course for over thirty-five years. Me & You is a joint venture between de Baak and Bout & Partners.


The course enables you to enhance your personal effectiveness as a manager or professional. The more accurately and nuanced you understand yourself, the more others perceive you as decisive and resolute. You have identified the strong and weak points of your work style and use this information to develop a healthy working relationship.

This course is given in Dutch but can also be given as a tailormade course in English on request. Please feel free to call +31343556369 .

  • Subject

    What to Expect
    This program is about your authenticity as a person in relation to others in the workplace. We’ll work with you to build on your integrity; to become more credible; and to fulfill the promise of being effective in the workplace.

    During the program, you’ll find answers to questions like:
    - What are my conflicts with others?
    - How can I add value to the organization?
    - How can I use my talents more fully?

  • Target
    Supervisors, Managers, Professionals, Project Managers, Line Managers and Directors.
  • Duration
    1 afternoon and evening, 1 module of 3 days, 1 module of 2 1/2 days
  • Location
  • Min. participants
  • Max. participants
  • Price (excl. 21% VAT)
    € 4.695,00
  • Price tax free
    € 5.164,50
  • Explanation

    This course is given in Dutch but can also be given as a tailor made program in English on request. For further information and advice, please contact our Training and Advice Bureau:
    t +31 (0)343 556 369,

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