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De Baak inspireert


Accelerated Management Programme (AMP)
“Moving from personal leadership towards being a leader as a whole”

Beijing, China, July 2012

Business-related challenges blended with personal growth
Building a creative, solid and inspiring relationship from the start between Alstom and De Baak has resulted in the co-design and deployment of more than a leadership development program only. Is has proven to be a unique opportunity for a creative collaboration that linked, blended and enhanced the business-related challenges with personal growth of all involved.

Operating in high growth markets
Alstom has a long tradition in the academic and cognitive development of its leaders. Faced with a shift in the business potential, and anticipating the growth in the BRIC countries, Alstom choose De Baak to design a Learning Flow linked with a thorough leadership development program for the senior management, including a special focus on the global and involving much of their people working in these countries. This programme would provide its participants to help them with experiences and tools to develop their competences as effective all-round leaders at an international level.  Read more


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