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Personal effectiveness in negotiations

Negotiation is a skill that we use almost every day: whether we need to conclude a contract, buy a new computer, ask for a salary rise, effect a merger or build a better team: negotiation is part of the process.

As a manager, project leader, buyer, seller, line manager or consultant, you negotiate constantly with other people. As organizations become more informal, flatter and are compelled to adapt to changing circumstances, they become less of an organization and more of a network in which you operate as an independent entrepreneur. Effective negotiation skills are therefore just one of the core competencies of today’s professionals and those of the future.

Two aspects play a role in all negotiations: the content and the relationship. A good negotiation result does justice to both. You treat your negotiating partner with respect (‘soft’ bargaining) without making too many concessions on the content (‘hard’ demands).

  • Subject
  • Target
    Managers, Project Leaders, Buyers, Sellers, Line Managers, Consultants
  • Duration
    2 modules each of 2 days
  • Location
  • Min. participants
  • Max. participants
  • Price (excl. 21% VAT)
    € 3.160,00
  • Price tax free
    € 3.476,00
  • Explanation
    This course is given in Dutch but can also be given as a tailor made program in English on request. For further information and advice, please contact our Training and Advice Bureau: t +31 (0)343 556 369, e
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