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About us

De Baak is a Training and Knowledge Institute in the field of leadership and entrepreneurship. De Baak focuses on the “Human Side of Enterprise”, on the development and effectiveness of people in organizations. At De Baak learning means: discovering unexpected talents, identifying surprising opportunities and combining intelligence with creativity. De Baak develops open and custom programs in Dutch and English, supports sustainable business practices and contributes to many social learning and development projects. De Baak is affiliated with the Confederation of Netherlands Industry and Employers VNO-NCW.

De Baak is acknowledged as a leading training institute in the Netherlands. With a staff of more than three hundred professionals, a substantial network of over four hundred specialists with positions at universities, business schools, innovation centers and knowledge institutes around the world, De Baak has created and mastered various methods of learning.

De Baak is located in The Netherlands: Driebergen, Noordwijk and The Hague , and in Belgium: Antwerp. These locations play an essential role in the learning context.

Global Business
To survive in today’s ever-changing world, leaders and individuals are required to keep abreast of worldwide trends and translate these to their organization or profession. Again and again, we find that in order to be successful in this challenging environment, it is becoming increasingly important to know how to connect leadership with entrepreneurship together with constant learning.

De Baak supports international teams or teams that want to be inspired by international companies.

We have partners throughout Europe, the US, China and India. Over the last few years de Baak has been organizing multiple Learning Events within the Netherlands and Learning Journeys abroad on these focus countries and issues concerning global business and identity. With this we strive to deepen the understanding of ‘other’ cultures, different societies and business practices.

To talk about training options for your organization, please contact Our Advisory Desk +31 343 556 369

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