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De Baak’s aim is to enable leaders and entrepreneurs to respond successfully to challenges in a rapidly changing world and make a positive, long-term impact on the lives of individuals, society, planet and profit. We have been doing so since 1948, when De Baak was established to support leadership to rebuild the Netherlands after World War II.

At the time, its statement of purpose conveyed that De Baak wished “to operate in the field of labor – industry, banking, insurance, trade, and transportation – while respecting individuals’ convictions and political views as well as pursuing positive social relationships in the business community.”

Today, De Baak’s culture and values still match the spirit of its founding director, the late Charles Maitland. Maitland “sought the balance between the head and the heart, between facts and feeling.” This balance, and the focus on personal development as it impacts organizations and the context in which they operate, remain hallmarks of De Baak’s continuing contribution to business and society.
In our ever increasing global community, the human side of enterprise is vitally important to both industry and communities alike.

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