A drawing is simply a line going for a walk.

Paul Klee


The learning environment we offer is, among other things, powered by elements of art,design and poetry. Dealing with art allows you an opportunity to browse in a map ofconfusion that can give you the idea that the world is in a constant search in humanrelationships. Art has helped people throughout the centuries to see beyond the limits andlimitations of their social, political or religious frameworks. Art offers a helping hand to eachindividual in posing questions and trying to find answers such as how to deal with today’scomplex world.

Thermoplastic line on the Learning Lane, De Horst Estate, De Baak Driebergen The Netherlands. The line is a reference to a drawing with the title “Nulla dies sine linea” by PaulKlee (German/Swiss artist > 1879-1940), which refers to the tip of a pencil that puts the linein motion.

Artist: jan van der veer (curator De Horst Estate)

Locations play an essential role in the learning context