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De Baak & Monterey Institute of International Studies

De Baak & the Monterey Institute of International Studies


De Baak and the Monterey Institute of International Studies, located in Monterey, California, formed a  partnership in 2011.  The Monterey Institute President Sunder Ramaswamy, refers to it as more than an alliance, but a real cooperation, with both groups sharing a common mission and vision about their role and responsibility in “being the solution” in an effective, tangible way within the vast challenges posed by the global environment.

The Monterey Way
The Monterey Institute is one of only a few higher education institutions in the United States to have an international focus from its inception. Over the years, the Institute has developed the unique “Monterey Way” learning model. This  model, which mixes rigorous interdisciplinary analysis with second language mastery and immersive learning experiences, ensures that students develop culturally informed solutions to global issues. This model is expressed in their mission to "Be the Solution".

The Monterey Institute was established in 1955 and is now a graduate school of Middlebury College (est.1800) in Vermont. The school provides international professional education in areas of critical importance to a rapidly changing global community, including international policy and management, sustainable development, languages, and non-proliferation.

“We are an academic community committed to preparing global professionals to excel in cross-cultural environments and to “be the solution” to some of the world’s most pressing problems. In this era of unparalleled social, political, and environmental change, individuals have become empowered as never before. Monterey Institute graduates enter their chosen fields as versatile professionals prepared to respond to the myriad of challenges faced today by all of humanity. I invite you, too, to be the solution.”

- Sunder Ramaswamy, President of Monterey Institute of International Studies

The Best for Monterey Institute Students and De Baak Participants
This alliance takes several forms, providing the best of both worlds for Monterey Institute students and De Baak’s clients and professional networks:

  • exchanging professionals, speakers, and expertise for tailor-made programs and as an integral component of open enrollment programs
  • international experiences, utilizing both institutes’ facilities and extended local networks of knowledge, professionals, businesses, and insight on local market challenges and growth
  • exchange programs

Co-creating with the Monterey Institute, De Baak integrates its areas of expertise with Monterey Institute experts on international policy and management, language education, sustainable development, social change, and conflict resolution to provide breakthrough programs and events in partnership with the Monterey Institute.

De Baak hosted Monterey Institute professors  Sandra Dow and Frederic Kropp during the Meet the World 2012 Event. Prof. Dow and De Baak’s Martijn van Haagen, addressed the questions: “How can a company manage the extra-financial risk associated with climate change itself?” and "How can the transition away from green house gas emissions create firm value and investment opportunities?”
Professor Kropp of the Monterey Institute’s MBA program led a graduate class on Social Entrepreneurship in a Corporate Environment, addressing the question, “How can understanding social entrepreneurship help your organization become more effective in carrying out its mission?”

De Baak is increasingly exploring opportunities to add a values-driven sustainability component to our programs. We look forward to working with the Monterey Institute’s international environmental policy and economics experts such as Professor Jason Scorse in future programs.

Current Programs:
Frontier Market Scouts
Creating Teams for Sustained Growth
Translating Values into Value

For more information on De Baak & the Monterey Institute, please contact:
Kristin Jooss-Amadon, Senior Program Director & International Business Development at De Baak,


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