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Meet The World 2012

ENTREPRENEURSHIP that will Change the World we Live in
13 Jan 2012

The problems we face seem endless. A failing economy, major issues through climate change, food/water shortage, energy shortage, the lack of stock-raw materials, social cohesion coming apart and lack of trust in authorities and political organizations. Even when we would rather look the other way, the world is in crisis.

On the positive side, new initiatives to tackle the complexity of issues are coming up left and right. Bringing together people with "unlikely" backgrounds to look at a problem from fresh perspectives. Approaches where people delve deeper inside to discover lasting solutions to seemingly unsolvable challenges or disputes.

Experts outlined the state of the crisis we're in and provided examples of organizations, businesses and people who are doing their part in turning these crises around.



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Date: Friday, 13 January 2012      



Registration and Complimentary Walking Lunch 


Welcome and keynote speakers incl. Sandra Geisler (business consultant), Yoeri van Alteren (entrepreneur) and Dorine Putman (ASN Bank) 


Workshops on intra/entrepreneurship and dialogue sessions on personal inspiration incl. The Natural Step, Sandra Dow, Professor at the Monterey Institute of International Studies, Philipp Kauffmann (owner/CEO Original Beans), and Godfried IJsseling (author on complexity & simplicity)  


Break - Theater performance by Marieke Nooren & Yuri Veerman


Plenary session with Patrick Harris, Director at The Futures Company, UK, and Harry Starren, CEO De Baak  


Start of De Baak's annual New Year's Reception, to which you as a participant of Meet The World are cordially invited. With complementary new year's dinner.  

Full program here

Venue: Baak Seaside Noordwijk, Koningin Astridboulevard 23 Noordwijk 

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