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European Think Tank

All I am is what I'm going after

The European Think Tank

The European Think Tank is a community formed by innovative thinkers, professionals and business leaders within Europe. Our emphasis is on personal and collective transformation that is dedicated to the realization of human potential in companies. The European Think Tank brings leading-edge initiatives into areas of research and consultancy and fosters pan-European dialogues about leadership for the future.
Leadership Talks assembles the most recent research and findings in the areas of personal and organisational development by Think Tank members who are affiliated with the foremost universities and business schools in Europe today. Leadership Talks is also the title of a publication authored by 16 members of the European Think Tank.
Leadership Works offers advice to companies seeking to renew their organisation with the purpose of adjusting to trends in the European market place. Leadership Works helps companies to adjust to and benefit from quickly shifting conditions as well as to have an impact on the development of the community in which they operate.
Together these activities create support for the human side of enterprise within the European learning society.

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