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Core Programs


De Baak’s core programs are specifically designed to make an impact on different levels: you as a person, your organization and society as a whole. Leadership, (internal) entrepreneurship and innovation as a mindset are always part of the curriculum to the degree that they apply to the program subject. Subjects vary from communication skills to financial management. Each learning assignment is rooted in the business context.

Expert facilitators and trainers see to it that your learning process is greatly enhanced by the dynamics in the group. Your fellow participants will be from diverse backgrounds.

We always start from your personal learning needs. An optional consultation will assist you to choose the program that best suits you. For each phase in your career, we have a program facilitating your growth.

Note: All our core programs are available to tailor make an English language program for your business or organization.

Top programs

  • Communicate with Impact - outdoor
    Personal Development

    Communicate with Impact

    • To have impact in your organization, awareness of communication styles is crucial. Recognizing your personal qualities as a communicator helps you being creative in influencing and persuading others.
  • Personal Development

    Me & You

    • Taking a closer look at how you relate to yourself and others will lay the groundwork for your transformation. Me & You is about discovering, appreciating and using your personal talents to their fullest.
  • Leadership

    Managing People

    • Managing people is often regarded as an incidental part of the job, but it really is a special skill. This program will give you the practical tools to become a more effective leader.
  • Leadership

    Informal Leader

    • Persuading others in a productive way without being able to pull rank is not easy. Learn to demonstrate your personal leadership skills and talents in a program packed with action learning.
  • Personal Development

    Personal Presentation (PPE)

    • Success depends largely on how you present yourself and how you convey your message. How do you ensure that your presentation is authentic/personal, professional, unique, inspirational and effective for any audience.
  • Baak Business Academy

    Translating Values into Value

    • Value loss and executive derailment in business are rampant today. Learn how to accurately predict and mitigate risks through theory and practical business cases that highlight these issues, exploring both economic and psychological factors.
  • Entrepreneurship

    Frontier Market Scouts

    • Are you looking to be inspired and education on social entrepreneurship and impact investing in developing countries. Join a new generation of business and development leaders, fully prepared to assume a leadership role and launch a career in impact investing and social venture management.
  • Baak Business Academy

    Creating Teams for Sustained Growth

    • Are you looking for ways to understand organizational and human systems, in order to match organizational growth and talent effectively? Join Dr. Peter Robertson for two days of highly experiential learning, covering the explanatory power of the S-curve and AEM-Cube®.
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