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Communicate with Impact

Communicate With Impact

Are you truly reaching people? And are your clients, colleagues and employees truly reaching you? Communicate with Impact is an inspiring learning program, dedicated to improve your communication skills and enhance your impact.

To have impact in your organization, insight in your own communication is top-priority. It’s knowing your communication patterns. Knowledge of your own qualities as a communicator helps you being creative in order to influence and persuade others.

The path to reaching people effectively involves knowing your own reference sets. Acknowledging the selective way in which you observe others is also a requirement. You’ll study non-verbal signs such as posture and gestures. Becoming sensitive to communication levels is another part of the enterprise. You’ll practice evaluating the content of communication; the emotion behind it; the relationship between you and the communicator; as well as the true intention behind the message.

At the end of the training

  • You have challenged your personal and professional development
  • You have gained insight and skills to be more effective in the workplace
  • You have transferred your learning to the workplace
  • Subject

    Communication, Leadership and Personal Development

  • Target
    This communication training is targeted at international professionals and managers in The Netherlands, either expats or native dutch, and who work daily in the English language.
  • Duration
    4 days total (each session starts in the afternoon) - all Sessions are at Landgoed de Horst in Driebergen and/or at de Baak Seaside in Noordwijk (you need to attend all sessions to complete the course!)
  • Location
  • Min. participants
  • Max. participants
  • Price (excl. 21% VAT)
    € 1.895,00
  • Price tax free
    € 2.084,50
  • Explanation

    The course price is excluding 21% VAT and packagecosts* and will be invoiced separately.

    Packagecosts for all sessions
    € 419,50 (incl. lodging)
    € 184,50 (excl. lodging)

    *Package costs are defined as the costs that are incurred for breakfast, lunch, breaks, coffee /tea, dinner etc. and if requested a hotel room (lodging).

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