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Young Executives Program - Direct your own career

The Young Executive Program (YEP) is an intensive leadership program which is intended for managers between the age of 28 - 38, who want to give their personal development and their leadership development an impulse.

In the Young Executive Program you leave your comfort zone. Metaphorical, by learning how to switch between calm life and hectic life. And literally, with a Real Life Business Case abroad. In this leadership program you stimulate your qualities as a succesful manager, to continue developing these. By managing
yourself, via awarenes, you can manage others. In this program, your power as a manager is central. YEP, that is you. Learning in the YEP means not to be afraid of change. You swing from "safe at home" to intercultural and international. This way, you discover new perspectives which can be of help in your leadership.


What are the benefits for your employer / supervisor ?
You will be an authentic, conscious manager who knows what he/she does & does not want, and who knows what he/she needs to grow in the organization.
More than half of the participants makes his/her next career move within one year after the YEP.
You will grow to be a leader/manager who can sail its own course at its own strength. And makes conscious choices, sometimes against the current.
An intrinsically motivated manager who in a conscious way directs his/her team and himself.

This course is given in Dutch but can also be given as a tailormade course in English on request. Please feel free to call +31343556369 .

  • Subject
    influence , delegation , leadership, management, strategy, vision, change management, entrepreneurship, age-specific
  • Target
    executives, middle managers, entrepreneurs, project managers, department heads
  • Duration
    17 dagen
  • Location
  • Min. participants
  • Max. participants
  • Price (excl. 21% VAT)
    € 11.495,00
  • Price tax free
    € 12.644,50
  • Explanation

    This course is given in Dutch but can also be given as a tailor made program in English on request. For further information and advice, please contact our Training and Advice Bureau:
    t +31 (0)343 556 369, e

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