The Informal Leader


Persuading others without pulling rank takes creativity, enthusiasm and skills.

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  • De Baak Seaside
  • € 2500 (excl. 21% VAT)
  • € n/a (VAT exempt)
  • English

International Summer School The Informal Leader

Would you like to get the best from yourself and become an expert in your field? Our International Summer School combines great fun with serious learning to produce concrete results. Our intensive program is completely tailored to your ambitions and your day-to-day work. The goal is to help you grow in a personal and professional capacity.

Four days of practical and personal learning wrapped up in a compact course. Plus a great Leading & Following workshop to sharpen all your senses and occasionally wrong-foot you! You’ll discover what good leadership actually is. And you’ll find out how to learn it. We also offer many other fun activities during your time with us: Yoga & Body and Active & Mind classes, a classic movie, a Network Dance Night and drinks on the patio.

For you

You’re the leader, even though you don’t have a formal managerial position. You’re experienced in your profession and you are the motivator, senior or coordinator. You lead a group of people without hierarchical jurisdiction: a profession in its own right. The Informal Leader International Summer School revolves around these questions: How do you get people on board if you can't assert yourself? How can you exert long-lasting influence without a formal position of power? How do your reveal your leadership through your own efforts? How do you shape your own role in the balance of forces?


  • You discover your unique way to get people on board
  • You apply your passion and talent to show leadership
  • You can guide your team to grow and develop
  • You know how you can assert influence from your current role

The International Summer School is a coherent entity: you arrive on Monday morning (a healthy fruit smoothie will be waiting for you) and before you know it, it's Thursday afternoon and you'll be making your way home having enjoyed an instructive experience. The week consists of a variety of activities: some are organized for all participants to do together and some are just for your own training group. The program's objectives are at the heart of the course, but there’s plenty of opportunity for reflection and relaxation. Finally, we're in one of the most beautiful places in the Netherlands: de Baak Seaside, right at the beach!

You can participate in a number of sporting activities and take up our networking opportunities, but this is purely optional. If you prefer, you can have a lie in or sit back with a glass of juice/wine in your hand, looking at the sun set, thinking back over the educational and inspirational day... Create your own learning experience with the International Summer School.

What to expect from the Informal Leader International Summer School:

Day 1
09.00 Welcome with coffee/tea
09.30 Plenary Opening
10.30 Program: Introductions and discussion of learning needs
13.00 Lunch
14.00 Program: The various ways of exerting influence
17.00 Break
17.30 Movie: 12 Angry Men
20.00 Dinner

Day 2
07.30 Welcome with coffee/tea
08.00 Wake up ‘Body & Mind’
09.00 Program: How do you work using your own resources? (talents and convictions)
13.00 Lunch
14.00 Program: What is your effect on others?
18.00 Early dinner
19.30 Evening Workshop evening Leading & Following

Day 3
07.30 Welcome with coffee/tea
08.00 Wake up ‘Body & Mind’
09.00 Program: Experiencing and experimenting
13.00 Lunch
14.00 Program: Working with own case histories
18.00 Early Dinner
20.00 Network Dance Night

Day 4
 ..….. Sleep in and Check out of your hotel room..…..

09.30 Welcome with coffee/tea
09.00 Program: How do you influence your 'balance of forces?
13.00 Lunch
14.00 Program: Open space - Buddy appointment and telephone evaluation meeting agreed
15.00 Grande Finale
15.30 Closing drink
16.30 End


Prices are exclusive 21% VAT and costs of accommodation and lodging. An indication for these costs with lodging is €652,50 per person and €300 without lodging.  The accommodation costs will be invoiced separately after the course.

Take the Lead, Communicate, Influence, Inspire, Motivate, Convince, Profile, Self Knowledge, Create awareness, Personal Effectiveness

This program has a minimum of 8 and maximum of 16 participants.

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The team

  • ralph_blom_230
    • Ralph Blom
    • Program developer
  • katrien_braeckmans
    • Katrien Braeckmans
    • Trainer/Coach
  • Thérèse van Denberghe
    • Thérèse Vanden Berghe
    • Program Assistent
  • ingrid_smit_230
    • Ingrid Smit
    • Trainer/Coach
  • patty_boomstra_230
    • Patty Boomstra
    • Training Consultant / Program manager