Coaching Leadership


Upgrade your coaching style as a flexible leader.

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Coaching Leadership

You manage a team and want them to take more responsibility. You need them to take the initiative to do what they are good at. You want them to make their own intelligent decisions on the basis of a deep sense of pride instead of just following procedures. The Coaching Leadership course will teach you how build an effective team using a flexible leadership style. ‘You no longer catch the fish, you teach them how to fish’.


The Coaching Leadership program highlights your strengths and weaknesses as a coaching leader and enables you to upgrade your coaching style. You are given the tools to become more competent at coaching, and practice situations taken from your own work situation. You learn to be flexible and adaptable in your leadership style and build trust as a coaching leader. This enables you to optimize your team’s potential and so take individual team members and the team as a whole to a higher level.

This course is given in Dutch but can also be given as a tailormade course in English on request. Please feel free to call +31343556369.

The Coaching Leadership course comprises two 2-day modules including an evening, and a final 1-day module. The course alternates between practical assignments with own case histories, opportunities for self-reflection, coaching theory and learning to work with practical tools.

Module 1
Who am I as coach and leader?

  • Insight into personal themes related to your role as leader
  • Mainspring/motivation to be a coaching leader
  • Examining the role emotions play during coaching and learning to deal with them
  • Understanding how you both make and avoid contact
  • Learning basic communication skills for coaching

Module 2
Deepen skills

  • Coaching context
  • Structuring coaching sessions
  • Practicing how to lead and follow in meetings
  • Dealing with resistance
  • Making conscious choices for style/approach
  • Boosting your personal style

Module 3
Coach and lead in practice

  • Dealing with role changes and assembling a coaching toolkit
  • Integrating 'you as leader' - method - context
  • Working with own case histories

Introductory interview and coaching session

The course is preceded by an extensive introductory telephone interview with one of the course trainers covering your learning objectives and expectations. Between modules 1 and 2 you will have a one-on-one coaching session of 1.5 hours with one of your course trainers/coaches. During this session you and your coach further explore your learning objectives and coaching experience.


  • You know and optimize your own coaching style
  • You understand yourself and the effect you have on others in coaching sessions
  • You grasp the possibilities and limitations inherent in coaching your own team; you do not take on more than your share of responsibility
  • Your team now takes the initiative and you see team developer

This program is for people holding leadership positions at all levels of an organization between the ages of 28 to 55. Leadership experience is not as important as your desire to be a coaching leader and your willingness to reflect on your own actions and their effect on others. To participate you must have worked at least 1 or 2 years in a leadership position and you must bring along your own case histories to practice with during the course.
This program has a minimum of 6 and maximum of 12 participants.

The team

  • irma_walraven_230
    • Irma Walraven
    • Program Assistent
  • De Baak
    • Samira Abbadi
    • Program developer/trainer
  • Anouk Al
    • Anouk Al
    • Senior Coach – Trainer
  • Cornelie de Winter
    • Cornelie de Winter
    • Program Director – Trainer – Coach
  • Renee Merx
    • Renee Merx
    • Program Manager
  • Dorothy van der Straaten
    • Dorothy van der Straaten
    • Senior Coach – Trainer