High Performance Leadership


Strike a balance between rational thought and emotions, and achieve a 'state of flow' for high performance.

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High Performance Leadership

The High Performance Leadership course  gives you an in-depth understanding of your emotional intelligence and how to manage it in positive ways. It teaches you how to integrate emotion to facilitate thought. This courses focuses on: how to strike a balance between rational thought and emotions, how to work more ‘intelligently’ without letting yourself be ruled by your emotions,  and how to motivate, inspire and manage people with more charisma.


We often think that emotion cannot be controlled, yet the opposite is true. The Emotionally Intelligent Leadership course teaches you to recognize and manage your emotions not only in conflict situations but in all forms of cooperation with colleagues. The course clarifies why you always end up in the same situations and encounter the same ‘obstacles’ in relation to colleagues and others. It also helps you understand the role your emotions play in your interpersonal relationships. Building on this understanding and awareness you learn to break through restrictive emotional patterns and bring about change so you are once again in control.


  • You recognize and understand the causes of your emotions and those of others.
  • You recognize and manage negative emotions, in other words: you don’t react immediately, you are mindful.
  • In your interpersonal relationships you don’t suppress emotions, you control them so they don’t prevent you from achieving your goals.
  • You lead with emotional intelligence.
  • You know how to reduce stress and achieve a 'state of flow' for high performance.
  • You have enhanced your emotional intelligence abilities.
  • You are a unique and charismatic leader.

This course is given in Dutch but can also be given as a tailormade course in English on request. Please feel free to call +31343556369.

The High Performance Leadership course comprises one 3-day and one 2-day module. Throughout the learning process two full-time trainers coach and train the group and individual participants. The course is preceded by a personal introductory/coaching interview with one of the trainers. We discuss your expectations and consider how this course can benefit you. You complete an online EQ test and receive the test results during module 1 when you will have the opportunity to discuss them with the trainers.

Module 1 Careful management of your emotions

  • Develop your emotional intelligence.
  • Practice controlling your emotion.
  • Understand and show empathy.
  • Discover your real emotional intelligence abilities and translate them into skills and tools to be more flexible, self-aware and people-savvy.
  • Relaxation exercises with a specialized trainer.
  • Positive confrontation: learn more about your own personality traits.

Module 2 Influence emotional states

  • Understanding and dealing with dysfunctional emotions in the workplace.
  • Using both positive and negative emotions.
  • Using storytelling to change emotional state.
  • Physical balance exercises with a specialized trainer.
  • Encouraging peaks/high-performance/appreciative Inquiry.
  •  ‘Paradigm shift’ in personal development.
  • Prepare assignment to take away and experiment with in your own workplace.

This course is given in Dutch but can also be given as a tailormade course in English on request. Please feel free to call +31343556369.

This program has a minimum of 7 and maximum of 11 participants.

The team

  • De Baak
    • Samira Abbadi
    • Program developer/trainer