Me & You


Discovering, appreciating and using your personal talents to their fullest.

Start date
  • 27 October
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  • De Horst Estate
  • De Baak Seaside
  • € 4695 (excl. 21% VAT)
  • € n/a (VAT exempt)
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This course is given in Dutch and in English. The English program Me and You is scheduled this autumn in Noordwijk, the Netherlands. See Dutch version and please feel free to call +31 343 55 63 69.

Introduction Me & You

You will learn how to discover, appreciate and use your talents to their fullest. Taking a closer look at how you relate to yourself and others will lay the groundwork for your transformation. Unconventional methods in the program ‘Me & You’ help you take a closer look at how you manage yourself and others. You will do this from different perspectives. You learn to recognize thought patterns in yourself and in others that get in the way of collaborative cooperation. Experienced trainers from Bout & Partners, a human and business development consultancy firm, have been giving the Me & You course for over forty-three years. Me & You is a joint venture between de Baak and Bout & Partners.


This program is about uniqueness. Your uniqueness: as a person, colleague, and manager. Natural leadership begins with knowing exactly who you are. This is the bedrock of your ‘image’ and the influence you have in the organization. By expanding your creative and innovative abilities you will not only be more credible but also more effective in your relationship with others. You use your creative talents in practical assignments, including drawing, to gain a better understanding of how your personality aligns with that of others.

During the program you will learn:

  • How to enhance your impact as a manager or professional
  • How to inspire others
  • How unique you are in your working environment
  • What stands in the way of you performing well
  • Whether your interests and those of the organization match


The course enables you to enhance your personal effectiveness as a manager or professional. The more accurately and nuanced you understand yourself, the more others perceive you as decisive and resolute. You have identified the strong and weak points of your work style and you use this information to develop a healthy working relationship.


Module 1 | one day

  • Getting acquainted
  • Deepening your knowledge / pinpointing your exact objectives
  • Research assignment to take away and experiment with in your own workplace

Module 2 | three day

  • My uniqueness
  • Patterns, preferences and habits
  • Tap into your creativity
  • Dialogue with the other
  • Lessons from your past

Module 3 | three days

  • You and the organization
  • Your style of working and that of your environment
  • Group dynamics

Free advice
If you want to know if ‘Me and You’ would suit your learning objectives or if you have other questions, don’t hesitate to call our program advisors, call +31(0)343 55 6369 or send an email to

Want to learn more about ‘Me and You’(Ik en de Anderen®)?

On Thursday June 11 2015 you can participate to a Proeverij of De Baak, where you can 'taste' of the ‘Me and You’ program (Ik en de Anderen®) on the Estate de Horst in Driebergen. Click here(in Dutch) for more information and free registration.

Download: The program card of Me & You

Personal development, self-knowledge, authenticity, leadership, communication, motivation, inspiration, creativity, observations, body language, feedback, learning by doing.
Supervisors, Managers, Professionals, Project Managers, Line Managers and Directors.


Prices are exclusive 21% VAT and costs of accommodation and lodging. An indication for these costs with lodging is € 891,- per person and € 421,- without lodging. The invoice for accommodation and lodging will be sent separately after each module.
This program has a minimum of 10 and maximum of 14 participants.

When and Where

Start date: Tuesday 27 October De Baak Seaside Click for more details

Module 1 | Tuesday 27 oktober at De Baak Seaside
Module 2 | Wednesday 11 November - Friday 13 November at De Baak Seaside
Module 3 | Wednesday 9 December - Friday 11 December at De Baak Seaside

The team

  • guus_brackel_230
    • Guus Brackel
    • Trainer/ Founder Me & You
  • sabrina_oudega_230
    • Sabrina Oudega
    • Program developer/ trainer
  • patty_boomstra_230
    • Patty Boomstra
    • Training Consultant / Program manager