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The power of alliances for our customers by….. Exchange of knowledge and expertise Co- creating in tailor-made programsBringing in expertise for open enrollment programs Global mindset, challenges and themes International modules throughout the world Think-tanks, round tables, master classes, speakers, local trainers ……… spanning the globe.

De Baak and 2041: a shared mission

We are proud and happy to team up with 2041. Polar explorer Robert Swan and his team are a true source of inspiration when it comes to stimulating renewable energy projects and protecting the last great wildernesses on earth: the North and South Poles. The collaboration between 2041 and De Baak is already bearing fruit. We’re creating a leadership platform and building a network of international leaders who want to learn from and be inspired by others. Our mission is to apply this inspiration to stimulate leadership, creativity, innovation and future thinking.

Staying connected

De Baak is a member of the the Netherlands Foundation for Management Development (NFMD), the European Foundation for Management Development (EFMD), the International Leadership Association, John Adams Institute, American Chamber of Commerce and Swedish Chamber of Commerce. We also work with international trainers and consultants from throughout Europe, Asia and North America.

Who do we work with


  • Boston University

    The Journey of the Innovator In the same way the name of the city San Francisco is associated with Silicon Valley, Boston is associated with Brain Valley. In a relatively small area the world's leading academic institutes ...

  • IEDP

    De Baak has been a valued member of the global IEDP community for several years. IEDP is recognized as a trusted and unprejudiced voice for the executive education sector. It represents the ...

  • ISM University

    ISM University of Management and Economics Since 2010 De Baak and ISM are connected on the high and maybe crazy ambition “Shaping the Future”. How do we facilitate and accelerate the entrepreneurs of ...

  • Monterey Institute of International Studies

    De Baak and the Monterey Institute of International Studies, located in Monterey, California, formed a partnership in 2011. The MIIS President Sunder Ramaswamy, refers...